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scheduling platelets

When scheduling Whole Blood Donors:
  • Check the calendar to see if a platelet opening is available at the same time.
  • If there is, ask the Donor if they’d be willing to donate platelets at their appointment.
  • Explain the basics, and the importance, of a platelet donation and ask Donor if they’d be willing to try.  You can reference the "PLT Notes" script in VS, which will summarize the information.
  • Be sure to reference the HLA questions on the Client Intranet to ensure the Donor is eligible!
If a Donor is not willing to try platelets at this donation:
  • Let Donor know you’ll leave their appointment as WB.
  • If Donor seems willing, let them know we may ask them in the future.  If the Donor doesn't, let them know how much we appreciate their WB donation.
  • Make a note in the Call Notes field, so the next Recruiter will know if they should ask again in the future.
Always review the platelet policies and procedures for each Client that you’ll be recruiting for. Each Client has special requirements for things like appointment times, length of the donation process, where Platelet Donors should park, and other concerns specifically for Platelet Donors.  Every Client now requires HLA screening, so be sure to familiarize yourself with your Clients' specific policies.
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