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mobile drive recruitment

MOD Assignment

After signing in to Shift360 and checking your Shift Details, you may see a Mobile Drive team listed along with your Client assignment.  When you see this, please be sure to select the correct MOD team in VanillaSoft, and take a few moments to familiarize yourself with the details of the drive in question.


Mobile Drive Flow Chart

When you're calling for a Mobile Drive, the Mobile Drive Flow Chart can answer a lot of questions - even ones you might not have known you had!   Your Orienter will walk you through using this essential tool.


While reviewing the Flow Chart, we will also cover a couple of Result Codes that are specific to Mobile Drives. The Mobile Drive Flow Chart is located on the Donor Recruiter Intranet (7th Link Under RMA Definitions & Reports = Call Back Matrix/Scheduling Procedures - 3rd Tab at Bottom).  

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