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what is a deferred donor?

 A deferred donor is a donor that is not currently medically eligible to donate.

There are two types of donor deferrals, temporary and Permanent.

Temporary Deferrals

A temporary deferral (TD) is when a donor is currently ineligible to donate, but will be eligible to donate again in the future.

For example, a donor recently broke his arm. He is a "TD" until he is healed and released from the care of his doctor. Afterward, he will be eligible again.

We use 5 Temporary Deferral Categories:

  1.  TD #1 - Under Doctor's Care

  2.  TD #2 - Common Illness

  3.  TD #3 - Misc. Health Travel Reasons

  4.  TD #4 - Undisclosed Reason

  5.  TD #5 - Not eligible due to recent donation

If a deferred donor attempts to give blood before the end of the deferral period, they will be turned away at the donor center. Once the reason for the deferral no longer exists, and the temporary deferral period has passed, the donor may rerun to the donor center to donate.

Permanent Deferrals

A permanent deferral (PD) is when a donor has a condition or medical issue that will prevent them from ever donating blood.

For example, a donor recently had a heart attack. For most of our clients, that means the donor will bever be able to donate again.l

We use 3 Permanent Defferal Categories:

  1.  PD #1 - Serious Medical Condition

  2.  PD #2 - Serious Adverse Reaction to Donation

  3.  PD #3 - Lifestyle/Travel

If a donor who is permanently deferred attempts to donate, they will be turned away at the donor center. They are no longer eligible to donate blood.


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