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specialty result codes

This section of codes is used primarily by management and special teams.  


  • You will see these in Donor call histories, but you won't be using them yourself.

  • The MOST important thing to walk away from this section knowing is this:


"I" is for inbound calls

"E" for email team 

"CC" for confirmation calls 

"VM" for voicemails 


  • ALL of the codes starting with one of those letters lets you know that we HAVE engaged the Donor and he or she is now a Group 2 record!


Your Orienter will briefly review this document with you, then it's time to start some practice!

The Outbound Result Code Definitions are located on the Donor Recruiter Intranet  (9th Link = Outbound Result Code Definitions). Reminder... there are 10 tabs along the bottom of this document.

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