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Vanillasoft Contact Owner

When making recruitment calls, it's always good to check the Contact Team field on the left below the other Contact Information.  This indicates what Team the record is in, which can give you a starting point when making a recruitment call.  If a Donor is in a MOD team, like in the image above, this lets you know that the Donor's home address is in the area of the MOD and it makes sense to offer it to the Donor.  That is the determining factor for putting a record into a Mobile Drive Team - the Donor's home address - not their verbally confirmed preferences, or any other factor!

Last Donation Attempt Location

Remember that the first tab you should always check when making a recruitment call is the Last Apptointment & Attempt Info tab.  This lets you know when and where a Donor last tried to donate.  If you see "MOD" like in the image above, it lets you know that the Donor has previously gone to a mobile drive, so if we are having one in their area, they may be more willing to donate there. 

Location Preferences

If a Donor has previously indicated that they prefer a Mobile Drive, then it should be documented here, under the Location Preferences tab.  If we are hosting a drive in the Donor's preferred location, it should always be the first one we offer to the Donor.  If the Donor likes both MODs and Fixed Sites, you can of course offer either to them.

WDM in Call History

Occasionally, a record will populate to call that previously has WDM as the result code, even if the Donation Preferences wasn't filled in.  If you come across this situation, just check the call comments and determine if we have a MOD in the preferred location.  With this record, you would need to check for a MOD in the Downtown area on a Saturday.  Don't forget, WDM is one of the codes that starts our ANS count over, so if you get no answer, you'd code as ANS-1.

If a Donor does verbally indicate a MOD preference, or the information present on the record suggests a MOD would be a good idea, we do have a few resources available to assist you in making the best suggestions.

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