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result codes

Result Codes tell Convoso/Soft recruit what to do with the record you are resulting.  Depending on which code you select, different courses of action are followed.  There are 5 courses of action that we have programmed VanillaSoft to do.


System Routes Callback

When you use certain codes (we'll learn which do what next), we have an algorithm in place to allow the software to determine when that record should be called again.  After you use that result, the record will hold for a predetermined amount of time, and then it will come up for the next person calling on that project at that predetermined time.


RC Sets Callback Date/Time

This is probably the most common action.  When you use these codes, the software will prompt you to set a callback date and time.  When you select these, it will then allow you to complete resulting the call.  Then at the date and time that you set, the call should be routed back to you to call on again (although they are sometimes routed to other team members).


Closes Donor Record

There are times that we no longer want a Donor's record to be dialed.  If you use one of the codes that closes the record, it will stay closed unless there is an extenuating circumstance and an administrator reopens it.


Record Closed Until Resolution

This is what happens when you set an appointment for a Donor. 

Soft Recruit/Convoso will temporarily close the record until after the appointment date, at which time our Admin team will reconcile the record against the information we receive from the donor center, and then they will reassign the record to be called based on that resolution and the donor preferences.  This also applies to Management-coded records, which we will discuss.


Special Circumstances, CB Set on Admin Side

This type of resolution is used only for the Specialty Result Code Definitions.  There are times a record will close based on a result code, but someone on one of our specialized teams can reopen it by setting a callback.  You may see these listed in a Call History, but you will almost never use the codes with this type of resolution.

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