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We’ve covered a lot of information in the last few days.  It can be overwhelming, we’ve all been in the place you’re in now.  Please don’t let it get to be too much for you, because beyond just the “job” you’re starting, you are going to start saving lives.


In the first half of last year, DonorLogix was responsible for a total of 11,899 whole blood draws and 649 platelet draws.  That means in just 6 months, due to the effort of our Recruiters on the front line, our Management team, and our Back of the House team,


We were responsible for saving over 36,000 lives.


The impact you can make on the life of another person, just by doing your job, is changing lives.  When the going gets tough, and sometimes it will, just remember that.  You are making a difference with every dial.


Your Orienter will now share a video via the virtual meeting.

thank you for all your hard work!

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