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using the medical deferrals page

Please Note: EVERY client has a different Medical and Travel deferral list.  This demo shows OBB's Medical Deferral intranet page. Whenever you are working on a client, you will need to check THEIR specific Medical Deferral page in order to get the correct deferral information!!

using deferrals 1.png

All of the client Medical Deferral pages start with this same segment - letting you know of any current critical pleas (a plea for a certain blood type) for that client, a reminder on the R-DS code and using Ctrl+F to search. Then the date the most recent updates were made on the document, these changes will be in red. Next, are some notes regarding what to do if a Donor states they are having testing done. Following that is a table showing donation wait times based on a persons last donation type.  This lets you know how long a Donor needs to wait between one donation type and another.  During the time period after a donation, the Donor is a temporary deferral until that wait period has passed!  Be aware of the wait times even for donation types we don't recruit for, sometimes they may have donated at another center and we will need to accommodate.   Directly below that are the BP & Pulse rates that they will have to be below in order to donate.  Donors don't often ask about this, but in case they do, the numbers are here for you.

using deferrals 2.png

You will then see the age and weight requirements for donating blood.  Followed by the  BP & Pulse rates that they will have to be below in order to donate.  Donors don't often ask about this, but in case they do, the numbers are here for you.

Always check your client medical deferral page, even if you think you know something - the requirements change over time.

using deferrals 3.png

The next section is the "heart" of the deferrals page.  It is a listing of common medical conditions and medications and concerns Donors may ask about in column 1, the Client acronym in column 2, then the deferral period in the third column, and if there are any specific notes, they'll be in column 4.


Looking at the sample of the OBB Medical Deferral page above, you'll see that Accutane, for example, is a deferral while taking the medication and for 1 month afterward.  Once the Donor stops taking this medication and is off of it for one month, they are no longer a deferral.  If, when asking a Donor if she is feeling healthy, she mentions that she feels fine but takes Accutane, you'd check the Clients Medical Deferral page, see the deferral period and inform the Donor that she is not currently eligible.


Now let's look at the AIDS Virus, you'll see here that it stats this is a Permanent Deferral.  This means the Donor cannot ever donate again once they've had a positive test for HIV/AIDS. If the condition/medication you are looking up states it is a Permanent Deferral, you'll need to inform the Donor they will no longer be able to donate. If they have questions, you'll refer them to Donor Services. Which we'll cover later. 


You'll see that Atrial Fibrillation (Afib), for this client is listed as "Refer to Donor Services."  Again, we'll cover how to handle those records soon.

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