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Refer to Donor Services (RDS)

Occasionally you will come across an issue on the Medical or Travel Deferrals that needs to be a "Refer to Donor Services."  Sometimes a Donor will ask about a condition or location that we don't have listed, or is one we are unfamiliar with.  In these cases, there is a specific procedure we follow.


Deferrals - "Refer to Donor Services"

When you see this listed or you are told in the ER to "R-DS", you'll need to let the Donor know that he needs to speak with a technician at the donor center in order to get cleared to donate.  Let him/her know that we are not medical professionals and that in order to get him the most accurate information, we are asking that they call the donor center.​


Donor Agrees to Call

If the Donor agrees to make the phone call, please provide him/her with the telephone number of the donor center, and let him/her know we will call them back in a week or two to confirm their donation status.  Thank him/her for being willing to check and to donate.


Donor is Not Willing to Call

Thank the Donor for speaking with you, and code the record as Remove from List.  If the donor has a condition  that we cannot verify and he/she is not willing to get cleared by the donor center, we don't want to schedule an appointment where he/she will not be allowed to donate. 


Resolving the Record

  • ​If the Donor IS calling the donor center, you'll use the R-DS code, and set the call back for either 2 weeks, or for the time you discussed with the Donor during the call.

  • If the Donor is NOT calling the donor center, you'll code as RL and notate that it's due to donor being unwilling to contact donor center for clearance to donate.



You cannot include ANY medical information in the call comments you leave on the record.

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