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We have covered a lot of information in this module - great job so far!  Now that you're feeling confident, please proceed to the activity below.

Let’s start this exercise by searching to find your record that you created in the Mock Project and open it.


We are going to pretend you’re making a call to this Donor.


You reach the Donor at their Cell phone number at 9:30 am. While you’re “speaking” to the Donor, you learn the following information:

  • The Donor lets you know they can only donate on their lunch breaks at work.

  • Donates because their mother was a cancer patient at the hospital and received blood.

  • Works in Guest Services at Main Hospital, from 7 am-3 pm.

  • Donor confirms that they will donate either at the Main Hospital fixed site location, or at mobile drives within 10 miles from that site.


You schedule a whole blood appointment on this call (way to go!)

  • The Donor agrees to donate at the Main Hospital.

  • On next Monday at 12pm.

  • The Donor makes a Life Saver commitment of 3 times per year.  (Make sure to send a LifeSaver email, and don’t forget to change the “XX” in the second paragraph to the number 3!)

  • When you ask the Donor about a multiple appointment, they says no one at  this time.

  • Donor doesn’t want confirmation letters to come in the mail anymore.


Where should all of this information go?  In your record in Soft Recruit, fill out the corresponding tabs for the information above.

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