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module 3

vanillasoft basics

  • VanillaSoft is a Customer Relationship Management Program.


  • You must learn how to master VanillaSoft to be effective and efficient on the telephone.


  • VanillaSoft will automatically distribute the Donors you call based on a predetermined set of rules.


  • Donor Preferences include (and will be covered in future modules):

              What time of day Donors like to be contacted

              If they prefer contact by phone or email

              At what location they prefer to donate; and

              How many times a year they want to donate.


  • VanillaSoft is used to create all of our productivity reports, direct mail campaigns and to send a variety of different types of emails.


  • You can look at any given Donor in our database and see his/her entire contact history with us.


  • We rely on you to update information accurately.


  • We can’t go out and buy a new list of Donors, it’s a finite resource - we have to take excellent care of it!


Your Orienter will overview the basics of VanillaSoft with you via screen share.

The VanillaSoft Basics info. is located on the Donor Recruiter Intranet (13th Link Under VanillaSoft = VanillaSoft Basic Information).  

After reviewing the Study Guide, proceed to the Quiz.

(it will open in a new window)


When you've completed the Quiz, reach out to your Orienter to review before moving on to the Activity.

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