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setup for success

It's vital for your success as a Recruiter and for our success for our Clients that whenever you are scheduled to work that you come prepared and ready to start. 

What does prepared look like to us?​

  • You're in your quiet office - all noisy creatures (pets, kids, spouses, etc!) have been accounted for.

  • All hardware is plugged in and hooked up as needed.

  • Computer has been updated, virus-scanned, and rebooted as needed.

  • Your headset is working and the volume is at the proper level.

  • You've opened up all of your tabs, logged into all of your software programs, and have made sure everything is working properly.

  • You have checked your schedule in Shift360 and know exactly what to call.

Once you've completed all of this, then you're ready to clock in and start dialing!  During orientation, you won't need to check for what to call, since we're meeting instead.

In the box to the right, we'll summarize this into 3 steps to start each day!

3 steps to start

your day

1. all systems are set up

2. check shift360 schedule 

3. clock in an start recruiting

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