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using "CTRL + F"

  • You’ll use this often when searching Medical Deferrals.


  • In any browser window, you can use CTRL+F to bring up a search box.  


  • In this box, type what you’re searching for.  


  • Be aware, that similar to searching names in VS, when you put in the entire thing here, it doesn’t always work.  


  • It may be in the system as “vaccine” - so if you search “vaccination” it won’t come up.  


  • We recommend searching only a portion, like “vacc” and also trying things like “shot” or “immun” (for immunization).


  • To the right of the search box are arrows going up and down.  


  • When you click those, it searches up and down in the document for the same text.  


  • This can be very helpful when you’re looking for all examples of a word.


  • If you click the images to the left, it will take you to larger versions so you can see the process “in action.”


The next page will cover what the Medical Deferrals page looks like in depth.

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