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mobile drives

Many blood donor centers go out into the community to gather blood donations.  These are referred to as mobile drives or blood drives.  DonorLogix abbreviates these to MODs.


Mobile drives can be hosted in one of two ways:

  • on a donor coach, which is a bus converted to hold equipment and donor beds (pic to the left), or 

  • the Client brings a van of supplies and equipment and sets up inside a building, be it an office, a clinic, stores/malls, etc (pic below).


At MODs, the screening and donation process is the same, it is simply in a different location.  

Mobile Drives are Important! 

  • Drives increase the visibility of Client Donor Programs.

  • They attract Donors who may be uncomfortable with the standard clinical donation setting

  • They also provide convenient locations for Donors who live farther from the fixed sites.

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