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blood types needed

There are some blood types that are less frequently needed for whole blood donations.  However, these same types are often EXCELLENT candidates to donate platelets. This includes A+, B+, and AB+ and AB- Donors.

Although they make up only a small percentage of the US population, AB Donors can give Platelets to ANY other type, which makes them the Universal Platelet Donor.


A Donor with this type may actually have been told that "we don't really ever need your blood type" when attempting to donate WB!

As you surely know by now, that isn't the case!  All of our Donors are essential, and AB Platelet Donors have the unique life-saving capability of donating their platelets to ANY other blood type!

Be sure, whenever you're calling on a Client that can take platelet donations, that you are paying special attention to that Blood Type field in VS.  When you encounter one of these special Donors, be sure to let them know about their "superpower!"

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