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platelet donation process (apheresis)

Platelet donations are taken via apheresis, a process that separates blood components.

In a Platelet Donation, a portion of the Donor’s blood is drawn and separated; their red cells, some plasma, and saline are returned to the Donor. 

All of our Donor Centers use a single needle stick to draw the blood from the Donor’s arm and it is passed through a sophisticated cell-separating machine called a Trima machine.

Everything the Donor uses is a single-use product, so there is zero risk of cross-contamination.

Many Donors feel as good after an apheresis donation than WB, if not better, due to the hydration.

Donation Requirements

Height, Weight, Age, Gender

  • ​Refer to individual Client Intranet pages

Time Commitment

  • ​Platelet donations take 90-120 minutes, depending on the Client's screening process and the quantity of platelets being drawn.

Staffing Needs

  • ​Platelet donations require specialized staff and a longer donation time.  Be aware of time constraints when scheduling!

  • We do NOT schedule platelets with 2hr Windows except in unique, Client-specific circumstances.

Aspirin Deferral

  • ​Platelet Donors cannot take aspirin or any medicine containing aspirin for 3 days before donating.

  • Be sure to let ALL Platelet Donors know about this restriction!

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