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Testimonials have been provided by agents contracted by TeleRecruitment Specialists. If, after your 2nd interview, you are interested in speaking with one (or more) of them regarding their experience working with us, we will arrange a conference call.



"Wow! Seeing those numbers is just awesome! Words cannot express the gratitude that I have for being able to be a part of such a wonderful team. I absolutely LOVE it here! I look forward to each day that I'm able to help save lives, progress even more along the way, and assist our team as a whole to succeed. Not to mention, teammates like you all make it even better. ; ) Congrats to Patricia and Megan as well! I'm so happy to share this day with you both as we've come this far together."


Erika W.

Start Date: August 2016



"I just wanted to let both you and her know, how much that meant to me. In today's day and age, a lot of employers do not have a heart or empathy. This is one of the many reasons why I adore working for this Company. I know we aren't supposed to call it a family for legal purposes, however, that is what it feels like. Thank you, both, for being leaders that we, as employees, can look towards and try to emulate."


Patricia M.

Start Date: August 2016

“I would prefer to NEVER work for another company. They pay me consistently. They treat me with respect. They care about their staff as much as they care about their Clients.”


Mary S.

Start Date: March 2007

“I have worked for quite a few companies in the past 10 years. This one is special. They really care...…and they want everyone that works here to do well and be successful. It’s not all about #'’s and $ with them. It's about doing a good job.”


Michele T.

Start Date: November 2010

“I like working with these guys. They really believe in what they are doing. From my perspective, the job is perfect. I love the concept…. I love the fact that we are truly helping people. It’s like we are all a big family.”


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