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Become a life saver today.

Please submit your voice audition to complete the online application.

During your voice audition, you will complete 3 statements. Because you will be leaving a voicemail for your audition, you will complete the statements during one recording.

When you call in, you will be greeted and provided the auditions instructions along with the statements below. You will then be ask to leave your voicemail after the tone.

**The quality of your voice audition factors significantly into our hiring process.**

To begin your voice audition, dial 806-224-1430.

Voice Audition Statements:

1. Please state your full name, phone number and where you live?

2. Briefly, tell us about your past work experience which is specifically related to telephone or telemarketing sales.

3. Tell us why you are interested in becoming a Blood Donor Recruiter.

Once you have completed your audition, you may simply hang up. The recording is automatically submitted.

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